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Welcome to Gene Ha's website!

Here's the link to my Official Facebook Gene Ha Visual Artist page. I can't accept many more Facebook friends on my personal Facebook page.

Want to read two Eisner Award winning stories without all those annoying pictures? Alan Moore said go ahead!:

Top 10 #1 pp. 1-5 Script
The 49ers Bk 2 pp. 10-20 Script

is no more. Thanks to everyone who bought pages, helping me to buy my beautiful Berwyn bungalow. Ich bin ein Berwyner!

Finished with my DC Exclusive, which was massive fun.

Hard at work on my indie book. Details when the book is almost ready.

October 4-5
24 Hour Comics Day
Chimera Comics, La Grange IL

I'll be coming in around the end to cheer on the 24 Hour Comics creators! I've never taken the challenge so they all have my admiration. Chimera's will be bringing in food, drinks and bands so expect an epic party! Details about 24 Hour Comics here.

Saturday October 11
1-5 pm
Anime Fest
La Grange Public Library

Small FREE library convention! If you'd like to get a free sketch for kids, meet me here. Near West Chicago suburbs. Doing my bit to get kids reading comics!

October 24-26
Santa Fe Comic Con

My wife and I miss New Mexico a lot. Especially when it's cold and cloudy in Chicagoland. Hope to have lots of surprises to show off here!

November 7-9
La Mole Comic Con Internacional
WTC Mexico City
We're pleased to attend our first show in Mexico! I'll bring my professional sketching chops and my nearly nonexistent Spanish to the show. If I draw a guy with his hands over his crotch, it means I need a restroom.