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Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Hero Comics

First news, I'm able to upload images to Blogger again! This means I'll be posting more previews here. So expect more news updates.

Second, the real news. Details have been announced for Hero Comics, the HERO Initiative fundraiser comic for which I'm doing two pieces. Available in stores July 29, or get it early at the San Diego con July 23.

More details here. For $3.99, I think it's worth it just for the cover by J. Scott Campbell:

Hero Initiative is very proud to announce the release of Hero Comics. The 32-page, no-ads comic, edited and produced by Scott Dunbier, special projects editor at IDW Publishing, will be released in late July with two covers, Eve by J. Scott Campbell, and Grendel by Matt Wagner. The fundraising book will contain great, all-new content including an original American Flagg! story by Howard Chaykin, and original stories by Gene Ha, Bill Willingham, David Lloyd, and Kaare Andrews.( See attachment for cover art)

In addition, Arthur Adams will recreate three classic Marvel Comics covers, and Hero Initiative beneficiaries such as Gene Colan, Bill Messner-Loebs and Josh Medors will tell their own personal stories, detailing their severe struggles, and Hero's involvement.

An excerpt from Josh Medors' story reads:

"When I am feeling almost ready to give in to my cancer, ready to throw my hands in the air and say ‘I quit!,' I get a call from the Initiative. ‘Just wanted to see how you are doing.' It may not seem like much, but let me assure you—When the monster bites and the pain pills aren't working, a call like that is more effective than a Super-Soaker filled with holy water against the ol' Count."
The first piece I did for the book is a Samson Bible story, with writer Lowell Francis. and lettering by Zander Cannon. Preview images were available on Facebook a while back, but I couldn't get Blogger to upload images that day. Now it works, so here are some larger nicer images than the ones on FB. Click to see the full size images:

I'm also doing a pinup of Captain Hammer (Nathan Fillion) from Dr. Horrible. Thanks to Scott Allie of Dark Horse and Joss Whedon for expediting the okays to do this! Here are the full pencils. Expect a closeup preview of the colors some time next week:


Blogger miakoda said...

OK, I'm looking forward to the Captain Hammer pinup, that just looks awesome. Here's hoping you get to do Dr. Horrible, too. Also, who wouldn't want to hang a picture of the Thoroughbred of Sin on their wall?

That last panel you posted of the Samson story made me laugh out loud. Very funny, and very well executed!

12:58 PM  

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