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Friday, June 13, 2008

Wikipedia me

While I was at the Big Apple Con, a photographer went down Artist Alley and shot us, letting us know it was for Wikipedia. I just dropped by Wikipedia and checked out the photo. It was about 95 degrees Fahrenheit outside, so I like shiny and sweaty.

Also, I've gotten a haircut since.

Anyhow, I saw that the article on me needs work, but you're not supposed to edit your own entry. Anyone interested?

Most obviously, it says that a citation is needed for this claim:
In 2007, he illustrated a critically acclaimed[citation needed] Justice League of America #11
That's easy enough. It's been nominated for an Eisner. That's why I work with writers like Brad Meltzer! To make memorable comics.

Onto other stuff.
In 2006, Ha is set to serve as artist on the first four issues of a relaunch of Wildstorm's The Authority....
I've already drawn two issues of The Authority, but the project stalled after that. No scripts, DC needed Grant more on Batman than WS projects. I found new projects and after over a year I don't want to go back even if the scripts show up. Sorry to people who bought the first two, but my life's too short!
He currently resides in Oak Park, Illinois with his wife Lisa and two beagle-bassets.
I now live one suburb south, in Berwyn, IL. Still with the lovely Lisa and my two crazy dogs. That's about it for factual corrections. Let me know if you rework the HTML!


Blogger jolie said...

I've made some changes, but for some reason the citation isn't... clickable.

RE: not being able to change your OWN wikipedia page...


Glad I could Help!

3:51 AM  

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