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Monday, April 19, 2010

More Sketches: my C2E2 weekend Part II

Once I'd made enough money, it was time to work on the fundraising and free sketches. I sat for two hours at the Hero Initiative booth, and tried to remember to tell folks who got free sketches at my table to donate to either Hero Initiative or the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund. If I forgot to ask you, it's still not too late. The Hero Initiative raises money to help aging comics geniuses with medical and other financial emergencies. The Comic Book Legal Defense Fund defends the 1st Amendment for comics creators and sellers.

Onto the sketches! Or as Stanley Lieberman would say, Excelsior...

This girl is a pre-med student who went to her first con
with her college comics club. No artistic background, but 
she made her own Poison Ivy costume for C2E2. That story 
earned a nicer-than-usual free sketch. Mike Golden walked by, 
and we got him to give her a free sketch too, as Rogue.

This NYC Library Science student and C2E2 con volunteer was the first Hero Init. donor to get a sketch.

Frankly, it was  slow start at the 10am Saturday opening. The first guy I flagged down and offered a $20 sketch to refused and scampered away. Future librarian was much more generous! Thanks!

And now, a few more Hero Initiative sketches for the regular $60 donation:

Sam Pannier, at C2E2 to promote her movie Mission Park, was the first person I sketched for at the DC Booth.  She plays Tessa Faux, "Expert fighter (Karate & Judo), gunslinger, and master detective." I didn't quite catch her eyes with this drawing, sigh.

Martian Manhunter Black Lantern.  I had no idea how to draw this, but fortunately I was at the DC booth! Reference galore.

Back at the Artist Alley, Table Q6. Portraits and sketches for kids are free. Headshots of superheroes will cost ya!

Three of the clerks from Chicago's Third Coast Comics.

A portrait of Sinestro as US Agent. How cool is that?

He didn't want a pirate, but something like that. So I drew a royal navy officer get ready to unleash His Majesty's ninjas, monkeys and robots against the pirates.

Another librarian! Librarians make the best comic geeks.

The family name begins with an 'O', so I retooled the Incredibles logo for them.

Librarian by Day...

She has Superman curls, he doesn't, what else I could I do?

Art Students are so adorable! They wanted a badass looking portrait.

The word balloon says, "Human bean juice."
Ryvre of Chicago's G-Mart Comic Books.
His Mom is a huge Superman fan!
This sketchbook has another portrait of him by me, unfinished.
So I went a little fancier with this one.
Katie Cook! She's got a Legends of the Mouse Guard story in issue 3.

Sketch trade with Matthew Kriske!
Not so much a portrait of him, as a portrait of his moustache.

I've drawn this couple several times, and it's always fun.

Sith Lord D!

And we end with Z for zombies! 
I had a great time at the show, hope to see you there next time.